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Late request sees MRG step up to the ockey

      Late request sees MRG step up to the ockey


Here at MRG we are involved in projects which take weeks, sometimes months to plan and implement, such is the nature of the solutions our clients require.

But the Tuesday before the Singha Beer Grand Slam of Darts commenced on Saturday 7th November at Wolverhampton Civic Hall we received a request from Coral asking if BIDS could control some screens at the event. MRG provided a new-style All-in-One to show the day’s racing, together with the ability to control the screens at the location individually. The All-in-One displays up to date pricing and results for each of the day’s main meetings.

A developer was dispatched to ensure all the machines were correctly configured and were able to access the BIDS data feed – which was supplied via the internet as there were no satellite capabilities on site.

A shop server was installed in one area driving a single screen split into four, these covered the darts markets. A mini PC was installed to display the MRG All-in-One racing template on a second screen. This provided a display for anyone wishing to bet on racing as an alternative. A duplication of this was created and both setups were placed prominently in separate locations for the audience to use when not involved in the action on stage.

The Mini-PCs could be accessed via a VPN website should support be required during the competition. The shop servers received a network feed from a server here at MRG over the internet.

The event was a great success with the screens performing faultlessly, requiring no support. The event finished on the 15th November with Michael Van Gerwen completing a 16-13 win over Phil Taylor.