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The new look DailyForm has it all

      The new look DailyForm has it all


MRG Systems has given one of its most accessible products an overhaul and presented a new look solution for the display of customer data.

The firm has revamped its DailyForm product, making it more cost effective while giving it a whole new look with additional features.

MRG has almost turned the whole product on its head; switching the original DailyForm 90 degrees and making it landscape rather than portrait. The change in orientation has helped to improve the navigation for customers, allowing them to easily move between three tiers of menus, ensuring the relevant data is always easily accessible and only a few taps away.

Also aiding navigation is the introduction of swipe and drag capabilities to the interface.

The new DailyForm is customisable and can be easily changed to feature a bookmakers’ corporate colours and MRG also offers the opportunity for the bookmaker to add their own logo to the screens.

MRG’s Darren Macdonald explained: “Wherever we’ve taken the original DailyForm product, it’s been well received by both bookmakers and their customers. However it’s always been our dream to be able to offer the service using more cost-effective hardware. The new DailyForm has allowed us to do just that, bringing the hardware cost way down and making it available to even the smallest operator.”

The system is fully compatible with MRG’s BIDS5 screen system and can also work with other betting shop systems. The DailyForm system is also adaptable enough to receive and display the latest prices via the bookmaker’s data feed.

MRG has teamed up with the Press Association to provide the latest data on the key betting sports and the scale of football data has also been increased. Full data sets are available on the top 5 tiers of English football, the four Scottish leagues and the top divisions in Spain, France, Italy, Holland and Germany.

Data includes useful betting data such as a team’s head to head record, its previous results, form in the league, scoring distribution and its Half Time/Full Time records.

Macdonald commented: “That kind of data offering has gone down very well with the customer and bookmaker as it generates increased turnover in the popular betting markets.”

The data set goes beyond team performance and drills down to individual player records throughout the featured leagues. The Daily Form also covers other more niche sports such as baseball and basketball, meaning that bookmakers can also easily cater for aficionados of those sports.