iMERGE video tutorials - Available Sept 2011

A series of tutorial videos are currently in production and will become available on the website during September 2011.

These 'How To' videos are a step-by-step guide for anyone who needs a quick refresh or introduction to the main features of the iMERGE system. We have made it easy to follow and kept the video snippets short in duration.

The list of tutorial videos includes the following:


  • How to create a new page
  • Creating a carousel of pages
  • Generating Schedules
  • Creating a page with TV/Video content
  • Creating a page with automated Date and Time display
  • Uploading files to the system
  • Creating a scrolling message
  • Adding users and their permissions
  • Backup and Restore

We hope you enjoy this series and they help you to make full use of the system.