MRG and NZRB sign contracts

The New Zealand Racing Board and MRG Systems Ltd are delighted to announce the signing of a contract for a replacement screen system. The existing text system will be superseded by a modern, technically advanced and feature-rich product that echoes the many changes taking place in the industry. The planned roll out commences during February 2011, and the MRG screen system will be the focal point in transforming the existing 670 outlets, and in increasing the TAB estate by 45% over the next 4 years.

Dave Rodden: General Manager, Retail said; "The New Zealand Racing Board has set itself the target of being a world leader in retail betting, and of providing our customers with the very best possible wagering experience. The new screen system developed for us by MRG is the first tangible evidence of our determination to break new ground, and we are absolutely delighted at the way that MRG have taken our vision and turned it into a compelling, dynamic betting shop product that will amaze our customers, and stimulate significant additional turnover"

Bryan Corbin, Technical Director of MRG Systems “This development for the New Zealand Racing Board introduces a world class screen system to the industry, setting new standards and employing innovative new ideas. Considerable advancements have taken place within the company in terms of our technical capabilities, the clever use of data in the displays plus the continued expansion of new automated processes built into the product.”

A very different experience will be enjoyed by TAB customers as a result. The existing CRT TVs will be replaced by 55″ LCD panels, up to ten screens in the most strategic sites. The increased screen dimensions have stimulated many original ideas in the design and display of information. For instance, the size and shape of the information being displayed alters in response to the requirements of different sporting events, solving that hoary problem for the watching audience who, to date, had to wait for a page to reappear in a slow or busy carousel.

By its very nature a Tote system needs to display a particular set of information, but allied to this are comprehensive sets of data held by the New Zealand TAB. These have only appeared in print form to date but can now be released for use on the screens, revolutionising the displays. For example tips, ratings and form will now be displayed in a way that will be visible to and readily comprehensible by all customers.

Anyone who sees this system for the first time will recognise that a new benchmark has been set in the industry that will accelerate screen system development over the next few years. A UK version of this extraordinary system will be on show at the Betting Show, Earls Court 25th – 27th January.