MRG sponsors comedian Dave Gorman

MRG sponsors comedian Dave Gorman

Cheltenham Literature Festival 11th October 2011

This year we sponsor Dave Gorman at the Literature Festival. See

The Literature Festival takes place between the 7th – 16th October and has almost doubled in size. Montpellier Gardens have been added to the already extensive use of Imperial Square behind Cheltenham Town Hall.

Since 2008 we have provided iMERGE digital signage for the Literature Festival and since 2006 for the Science Festival. This year, the expansion into Montpellier Gardens, has brought new challenges. Wifi is being used extensively throughout the festival plus screens in susceptible locations have been ruggedized to guard against condensation from wet grass and damp canvas.

We have also created a web page, accessed via mobile 'phone, that visitors will use to find events quickly and click through to more details. This will be available for the full season of events Cheltenham Festivals provide as we expand our involvement to embrace their full programme.

September 2011