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The Powerful way to
Communicate with
Make your messages unmissable
with easy to use digital signage
Scheduling manages when your content is displayed to your audience. All planned in advance and automatically deployed as required.
Grouping lets you zone your content the same way you organise your work. People in different areas of your organisation will see the right messages for them.
Live Data displayed where it's most useful. Manage meetings and display KPIs seamlessly, with no fuss.
Multiple User Access is configured to enable the right person access to the right screen, with just the features you want them to manage.
See how LiveSpace digital signage
helps make your messages unmissable
15% uplift in revenues for users of digital signage
19% of viewers make unplanned purchases
65% of visually presented information is retained 3 days later
90% of information transmitted to the brain is visual, which is processed 60,000x faster than text
Find a plan that's right for you
Our standard LiveSpace licence. A great solution for small-medium size business owners. Please contact us to find out more.
If you have a requirement for a large number of screens, then get in touch. Tell us about your plans and we will work with you to provide the best price.
For clients who want to host the system themselves. You're in good company. Some of the biggest names on our client list fit this category.
Our Company
Our Background
LiveSpace is brought to you by MRG Systems. From our Gloucestershire offices we manage over 36,000 screens worldwide.
Our Experience
Digital signage experts since 1983. We're experts in designing, supplying and running digital signage systems.
Our Software
Powerful digital signage software. Our experience helps LiveSpace handle complex data fast, and tailor messages by audience and location.
Our Portfolio
You'll find our systems in many places you know. Including YouTube Space, The Houses of Parliament, top high street bookmaker brands and many other locations.
You'll be in Good Company