Working with MRG

Our skilled team will provide bespoke solutions in response to your unique requirements.

case studies

YouTube Space London

The window screens, facing out onto the street needed to be sunlight readable. Our solution incorporates 1,500 lumen high brightness screens with a transflective layer mounted in a bespoke housing to fit the available space. The transflective layer reflects sunlight back from the screen, increasing the brightness when in sunlight without requiring extra power. A light sensor has also been incorporated into the housing to adjust the screens brightness so that all screens are less bright at night.

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At the beginning of February 2012 we were asked if we could replace the existing fifteen screen digital signage system in Parliament with an updated solution that would utilise the existing fixings as far as possible to minimise the heritage impact. We had originally installed the system in 2004.

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New Zealand Racing Board

When the New Zealand Racing Board (NZRB) began their process of looking at a replacement system they focused their sights on the most mature market available and came to the UK. Both Openbet and 2DB were approached but it was MRG Systems who succeeded in their bid. The contract for a replacement screen and studio system was signed in November 2010 and the first two outlets went live during March 2011.

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Bar One Racing

Bar One Racing comprises a twenty shop retail estate with its headquarters based in Dundalk, Republic of Ireland. In the past eighteen months a number of bookmakers have investigated replacement screen systems for their shops. Embracing the economies introduced by new technologies Bar One Racing has grasped the opportunity to make sweeping changes to their business.

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Xaverian College

Xaverian College is a Catholic sixth form college in Rusholme, Manchester with 1,750 full-time students aged 16-19 and a further 75 students from the University of Manchester taking a Foundation Year in Medicine, Dentistry or Science. Resources are arranged across eight buildings on a university style campus.

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