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Display your menus with LiveSpace Digital Signage.

Many food and beverage retailers are realising the potential of using digital signage to present their product range to their customers. This is particularly true of fast food and takeaway outlets where an on-line presence can be mirrored by dynamic displays in the shop itself.

LiveSpace offers many advantages over printed posters and hand-written information with the following features:

Carousels of special offers, specialities, new lines, meal deals and standard pricing will enliven the shop and provide a better experience for customers. Powerful scheduling allows for seasonal and/or price changes to be prepared ahead of time and are displayed automatically as and when required. Menus for breakfast, lunch and evening are shown at relevant times and programmed in advance, allowing for different audiences and preferences to be addressed.

Grouping functionality gives different locations the capability to show different content. A national chain might tailor choices to fit local preferences rather than adopt a standard nationwide menu. Locations can be grouped by type of outlet, not just geographical location. Some chains might consider different pricing for shops in very competitive areas, as opposed to those with little competition?

LiveSpace enables Local management to select the content for their shop, based on centrally managed collateral. No longer will a customer see a special offer that has sold out. What about managing a digital Specials Board? With a simple tick box the screen instantly displays your ‘Sorry - no longer available’ message. They could even use this feature to show support for local sports teams, or engage with community events.

Respond to changes in the market place quickly and easily. Adjust prices to reflect market conditions immediately.

External information, such as news, sports or weather feeds can be displayed, providing customers with a more immersive experience with up to date information.

Advertise upcoming events and specials at relevant times. Encourage customers to visit outside their normal times.

LiveSpace can take a data feed of product information, including prices from back office systems. No longer will the same price change need to be entered several times.

Digital Signage has proved successful in many outlets, with one London burger chain claiming a significant upturn in business following installation.