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News archive of: Agile

  • Agile continues to transform development

    31 January 2018

    Each sprint cycle starts with a Sprint Planning meeting where the tasks that will be worked on during the sprint are identified. We hold two Product Backlog Refinement meetings, one halfway through the sprint and another toward the end. In these meetings we decide on the importance and size of any “pending” work, the result of which determines what tasks will make it into the next sprint cycle. When the sprint is finished we hold a Review and Retrospective meeting, providing us with the opportunity to discuss what we achieved during the sprint and identify areas that could be improved or refined. And then the cycle begins again!

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  • Jess Vines joins the Development Team

    24 July 2017

    …For my dissertation I worked closely with them and David Johnston, a senior lecturer at the university and certified Scrum Master, to investigate the challenges involved with implementing Scrum in a small organisation.

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