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News archive of: live data

  • Adding live data to your screens creates impact

    20 April 2018

    Examples of live data can be anything from transport and traffic updates, weather and news to currency exchange rates for travel agents and room booking information in hotels and office complexes. A retailer might even link the screen system to their EPOS or stock inventory system. For internal and inter-office use, clients can display call centre statistics and production metrics to assist shop floor staff with their work.

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  • Bryan Corbin (Tech Director) talks about ICE 2017

    03 February 2017

    … managing screens effectively can be complex. Anyone with multiple screens at multiple locations will know the challenges of keeping price data and price changes displayed accurately.

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  • FAQs - LiveSpace digital signage

    12 April 2016

    LiveSpace provides all major features common across most systems. But through many successful years of supplying systems to the betting industry we are expert at handling and distributing live data to thousands of screens in real-time.

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